Good Health confers on a person or groups freedom from illness – and the ability to realize one’s potential. Health is therefore best understood as the indispensable basis for defining a person’s sense of well being. The health of populations is a distinct key issue in public policy discourse in every mature society often determining the deployment of huge society. Health care covers not merely medical care but also all aspects of preventive care too.


United Way Delhi through its health care programs tries to target the underserved populations in urban backyard. A very high percentage of Delhi & NCR population, approximately 20 percent comprise of migrants who come to city in search of livelihoods and end up living in unauthorized colonies and slums in abject poverty and extremely degraded civic amenities. A significant proportion of these colonies is not listed in official records and therefore remains outside the purview of public services including health which accentuate vulnerability of urban poor to health risks.

United Way of Delhi is specifically targeting this segment of society under its health program with a clear objective of providing easy access to preventive and curative health care services near their homes during evening hours. The health care services offered by the Government are either very far from their homes or available only during daytime working hours making it extremely difficult for daily wage earners to avail of them at the expense of one day’s wage. During evening the only health care providers near their homes are quacks who play havoc with their lives through wrong diagnosis and treatment.